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CIMA P1 Management Accounting - Free Exam Resource Page

We've compiled a great selection of useful resources from all over the Internet to help you to prepare for the CIMA Operational Exams

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Cost Accounting Systems


Short-term Decision Making

Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty

Other General Help and Advice

Study Tips From Students

Great advice from current and former students on the most effective ways to revise the course content

5 Tips on how to Reduce Stress and Improve Focus

Tips on how to minimize stress and improve focus leading up to your exams.

Benefits of Peer Learning

An interesting article highlighting the benefits of studying with peers

P1 Transition Guide *

A useful article showing the key changes between the 2010 and 2015 P1 syllabus.

Five Must knows about the 2015 syllabus

Essential points regarding the syllabus.

Operational Transition Video

A helpful video that provides information for those students that are affected by the changing syllabus.

Approaching Objective Test Questions

Beneficial information on what you can expect and how to approach the objective test questions.

Objective Test Style and Format *

A helpful insight into the different ways the questions will be formatted.

CIMA P1 Syllabus Topic

Cost Accounting Systems

CIMA Syllabus Weighting


Cost Accounting

A nice summary of Cost Accounting System. The article explains the basis of a Cost Accounting System and Inventory Valuation Methods. Some aspects of the article do not relate to CIMA P1 syllabus but it's worth reading to expand your knowledge.

Absorption and Marginal Costing

An interesting video on Absorption & Marginal Costing. It includes a step to step guide on how to calculate these types of costs and a useful summary of both towards the end of the video. This video is a useful addition to the content in the CIMA P1 Study Text.

Activity Based Costing

A useful overview of Activity Based Costing that includes the steps to conduct ABC and the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. This is great article to support your revision for the CIMA P1 Objective Test.

Throughput accounting

This video is an excllent addition to the content from the P1 Study Text. It explains Throughput Accounting and clearly demonstrates the calculations involved in this process.

Relevant Costing

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A comprehensive article explaining the definition, types of Relevant Costs, types of Non-relevant Costs, and the application and limitations of Relevant Costing. It also includes example calculations

Break-even Analysis

An entertaining video about Break-even Point. It demonstrates this through an animated story and includes example calculations, This is a useful revision video in prepation for your CIMA Objective Test.

Linear Programming


A short article about Linear Programming. It includes linear program structure , problem formulation, effect of constraints and shadow pricing.

Standard Cost Variance Analysis

Defines Benchmarking and details the benchmarking process. It also includes explanations of types of Benchmarking. This is very good supplementary information to the P1 Study Text.  

A definition and description of Standard Costing  and Variance Analysis. It demonstrates this in the context of a full budget within an organisation.

CIMA P1 Syllabus Topic


CIMA Syllabus Weighting



An article that explains a budgeting case study. It includes the budget process and the effect of human behaviour on budgeting. In addition it explains the benefits of budgeting, budget types, and the importance within financial statements.

Budgetary Controls

60 Challenging Objective Test Style Questions in each CIMA Mock exam

Prepare for the CIMA Exams and perfect your exam technique using our realistic mock exams, written carefully to simulate the real CIMA exams.

Explains the importance of Budgetary Control and gives an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of budgeting. It includes methods for the preparation of budgets using calculated examples throughout.

Balance Scorecard

A very useful video that explains the principles of the Balance Scorecard and how it relates to business strategy. It details each of the dimensions of the scorecard and how these apply to the delivery of the strategy.

Forecast Techniques

A professional and comprehensive article that covers all aspects of forecasting such as how to choose the right forecasting technique and examples of general types of forecasting. This is a great P1 revision article that will be an excellent read in the weeks leading up to your CIMA exams.


CIMA P1 Syllabus Topic

Short-term Decision Making

CIMA Syllabus Weighting


NPV, IRR, Payback and ARR

Operational Online Masterclass Recordings

A useful article explaining the concepts NPV, IRR, Payback, Discounted Payback and AAR. This article covers the technique criteria, computation method and the decision rule.

Sensitivity Analysis

An explanation of Sensitivity Analysis in respect to changes in variable costs, fixed costs and revenue. It includes calculated examples.

CIMA P1 Syllabus Topic

Dealing with Risk and Uncertainty

CIMA Syllabus Weighting


Attitude to Risk

Risk and Uncertainty

An article outlining the different attitudes to risk, and how certain manager's attitudes can affect their decision making processes and the overall performance of their companies.

Managing Receivables, Payables and Inventories

An interesting video that explains and describes a number of concepts including risk, uncertainty, expected value, sensitivity analysis, decision trees, simulation and value of perfect information.

A nice article explaining how to manage receivables, payables and inventories in a simple and clear format.

Economic Order Quantity

Study Texts for Kindle

A detailed explanation of Economic Order Quantity that demonstrates the concept through the use of an example and relevant calculations.

Short-term Financing

A video explaining the six types of Short-term Financing. It details each one and gives examples to demonstrate how it works. This is a great video which will support the short term financing section outlined in the CIMA P1 study text.

P1 Technical Articles from CIMA Connect

This is a summary table of key articles from CIMA Connect. You will find these a helpful addition to the Astranti resources above.

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